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Founded in 2013 by Sergio Barbesta and other two partners with same passion for nature and animals, following the success of two International campaigns, started by Sergio Barbesta respectively in 2012 and 2013, dedicated, the first one to stop Dogs slaughters in China “Nobody touch the DOG” and the second one to block any type of safari hunting in Africa “No Safari”, Animalstrust NPO is an International no-profit Organization dedicated to animals rights and to nature defense.

Sergio Barbesta declared: “In the past months, working day by day and monitoring the International success of my two campaigns (up to this point more than 699,000 signatures from more than 215 countries), I was thinking what I can do more to give voice to animals and give visibility to animals’ rights.

The only answer was to create an International organization dedicated to animals in difficulty with presence in all world countries and put together all the people who love animals and are ready to collaborate with us to report situations of animals or species in trouble or in danger of extinction, in order to take action and bring the situation to the attention of world public opinion.
We have to create an International people network, people who care the planet future.

The animals have no voice, but we do! Then we make our voice heard.
More we’ll be and stronger will be our call and our results.

You can donate and/or sign directly from this page for our nine International petitions:

If you want to become our ordinary or premium member and supporter please go to “Become a member” page and fill out all fields.

People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do… (Albert Einstein)

You can visit the dedicated pages of our petitions and sign and share them:

  1. “Nobody touch the DOG” – dedicated to stop Dog slaughter in China
  2. “No Safari” – dedicated to stop any kind of Safari hunting in Africa.
  3. “If you kill a Dolphin you kill one of us” – dedicated to stop Dolphins slaughter in Taiji bay, in Japan.
  4. “Keep hands off Varenna, the pearl of Como Lake” – we have to save Varenna, the pearl of Como Lake in Italy, we ask to stop to the construction of two artificial islands.
  5. “No more Zoos” – what animals are thinking in a Zoo? Same things are thinking men in prison, but without having any guilt! Freedom.
  6. “Nobody touch the CAT” – dedicated to stop Cats massacre in China and written and launched by our Australian Ambassador Mrs. Hayley Sibraa Metlege
  7. “Stop Elephants slaughter in Sumatra now!” – just launched – 10,000 signatures in first 24 hours, written by our Indian Ambassador Miss. Nihsreyasa Vimal Ramchandra
  8. “Justice for Daniza” – just launched
  9. “No more goose down clothing” – just launched – 2,200 signatures in first 24 hours
  10. Save Maasai Land, Culture and Animals a new petition dedicated to save Maasai people and their traditions” – written & launched by our Kenyan Ambassador Mr. Alfred Kipelian
  11. Ban bullfighting in Spain a new petition dedicated to ban any bullfighting in Spain” – written by our new Spanish Ambassador Mrs. Elena Alfaya
  12. Change browser name from Safari to Stop Safari hunting: we ask Apple to change the browser name to give a strong signal to the world to Stop any Safari hunting in Africa” – we need your support please sign and share.
  13. REVOKE THE DENTAL PRACITISING LICENSE OF WALTER PALMER DDS: a new petition dedicated to revoke the license of DR Walter Palmer DDS of bluff river dental, with immediate effect!” – written by our UK Ambassador Mrs. Karen Sanderson – Just launched
  14. With this new petition we ask to free all wild Animals in the circuses” – just launched.
  15. We want all mammals living in the world’s marine parks are released! They were born to be free!” – written by our Vice President Mrs. Roopali Pagare

Note: Data registered on 11th April 2020 at 11:00 AM UTC + 1,00

  • 1,115,267 signatures – more than 3 signatures per minute
  • 5,458 signatures in the last 8 weeks
  • There is no country in the world where we don’t have a signature!
  • 1,720,311 shares on FB, Twitter & Google+
  • More than 896,344 video views on our Youtube channels (a comment every 5-10 minutes):
  1. http://www.youtube.com/animalsTrust
  2. http://www.youtube.com/griddixdog

Who We Are?

Staff Management

Simon Lyons
Simon Lyons
UK Ambassador
Malavika Mitra
Indian Ambassador
Karen Sanderson
Karen Sanderson
UK and Ireland Ambassador
Chady Lolosoli Northern Kenya Ambassador
Chady Lolosoli
Northern Kenyan Ambassador

Elena Alfaya - Spanish Ambassador
Elena Alfaya
Spanish Ambassador
Me and my Dog
Inga Amirkhanyan
Dutch Ambassador
Alfred Oseur Kipelian
Alfred Oseur Kipelian
Kenyan Ambassador
Mei Wong
Mei Wong
Hong Kong Ambassador

Warwick Ingpen
Warwick Ingpen
South African Ambassador
Helene Jacobs
Helene Jacobs
South African Ambassador
Corinne Hoopla
Corinne Bilger
French Ambassador
Hayley  & Cooper
Hayley Metlege
Australian Ambassador

Lenka and her mother
Lenka Lichtenberg
Canadian Ambassador
Roopali Pagare
Vice President
Sergio & NAP

About Our Work

  • Why work with AnimalsTrust NPO? "The love of nature is born with me and has always been a part of me ... If I think back to me baby I see myself with my inseparable German Shepherd Mirca to explore the woods of my mountains, or on the banks of my stream, to follow the flight of the butterflies ... Every living creature has its place in the universe. There is no greater Love and disinterested than that of a dog for his companion or companion of a lifetime ... A love so great that the memory still moves me. " S.B. If you also have the same passion for nature and animals, if like us, you're willing to fight for their rights and to give them a voice, if you stop in front of a sunset and think often of being, along with all the other creatures of the earth, only a small piece and not the center of the universe, then you're ready to cooperate with us. Visit our Cooperate with us and fill out the form with your information.
  • Benefits To collaborate with us can give great benefits to your soul and to the future of the planet. We are fighting for a “green world” and to give animals a voice.
  • We have our headquarter in Milan - Italy in Via Inganni 34. Please use our Contact us page to get in contact with us!

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