A song for Dogs

Can a single song save hundreds of thousands of Dogs in China?

We think so!
We won’t stop till we reach our aim.

Each day 50,000 Dogs are killed in China, 18 million Dogs every year, 34 Dogs every minute.

AnimalsTrust is asking the Chinese Government to enact a law, at the national level, against the trade and consumption of dog meat in China.

We started 2 years ago with an International Petition “Nobody touch the Dog” asking Mr. Obama and Mr. Juncker to send an official note to Chinese Government to speed up this process.

At the moment we have more than 515,500 signatures in more than 200 countries to support this cause.
Now we need to put this petition at the attention of Chinese people and institutions and we need your support to reach this aim.

Our Canadian Ambassador Miss Lenka, with great excitement, composed a song, the AnimalsTrust Anthem, that you can listen to, buy and download from the link below. With the funds that we’ll collect we’ll share our International campaign “Would you eat your best friend?” and the related banners on Facebook Chinese walls and on main Chinese portals.

1. https://soundcloud.com/lenka-lichtenberg/animalstrust – Listen and buy
2. http://www.animalstrust.org/?page_id=1513 – AnimalsTrust International campaign

“A Song for Dogs” is the title of this new viral video campaign.

So please download AnimalsTrust Anthem, $1.25 doesn’t change your life but I’m sure that we can change the life of hundreds of thousands Dogs in China.

We ask you to make a a short video with your Dog or pet, if you have some, and say or write on a piece of paper: “Nobody touch the Dog, please stop the slaughter of Dogs in China. Sign the petition.” in your own language.
You can even invent your own slogan to save Dogs in China, record your video, possibly keeping the camera or the smartphone in horizontal mode, upload it on Youtube and send us the link at this email address: : asongfordogs@gmail.com
We’ll share all your videos on AnimalsTrust Youtube channel, on our Facebook dedicated group and on our Twitter account.

You have the 3 following options:

1. Send the video at: asongfordogs@gmail.com
2. Upload the video on Youtube and send us the video link to: asongfordogs@gmail.com
3. Upload the video on Google Drive https://drive.google.com and share the video with our email: asongfordogs@gmail.com

The Dog is the man’s and woman’s best friend, it’s time for us to be the best friends of Dogs.

Don’t let them get skinned or boiled alive! Never again! Save DOGS in China.

I’m sure you can help us reach the target of one million signatures.

We need your signatures; if you have not already done so, please sign this International Petition: “Nobody touch the DOG” by clicking on the link below and share it on your Facebook wall, if you already signed it, please forward this appeal to your best friends, and tell them to do the same:


Join also our Facebook Group to give us more strength and more International weight. Thank you!

You can follow AnimalsTrust even on Twitter: https://twitter.com/animalstrust

Yes WE CAN! WE can STOP them! But only ALL together.


Hereinafter the email that we wrote last 23rd July, to Mr. Obama asking him a meeting to discuss about Dogs slaughters in China and Animals protection:

Dear Mr. President Barack Obama,

I started in July 2012 with an International Petition dedicated to stop the slaughers and tortures of Chinese dogs in some Chinese regions named “Nobody touch the Dog” https://www.causes.com/campaigns/4079-nobody-touch-the-dog
I addressed this petition to you and to Mr. Manuel Barroso, as main leaders of western democracies, who care about the Animals protection, asking you and Mr. Barroso to issue an official note to Chinese government, asking for the adoption of a national law against the trade and consumption of Dog meat in China.

Following the success of my campaign on November 2013 I founded a non profit organization AnimalsTrust Onlus, dedicated to Animals rights and conservation and protection of environment: www.animalstrust.org

On the occasion of the overcoming of the 500,000 signatures worldwide, with more than 121,178 signatures from American citizens (data updated on 6th June 2014), I kindly ask you to arrange a meeting with me to get into the details of the matter.

I know how much you love Dogs and I think that in 2014 it’s time to make some concrete step to stop this terrible practise in China.

I look forward for your kind feedback in this regard.

Best regards,

Sergio Barbesta

AnimalsTrust Onlus – President & Founder

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