Become a member

Become a member

Why become a member of AnimalsTrust NPO

If we want to get to the success of our international campaigns and petitions we need the support of all of you. More members we’ll have, and we more weight will have at istitutional level and in public opinion.

Partnering with AnimalsTrust NPO is an important choice, a choice to be on the side of animals, to think to a “green” growth that can happen in full harmony with all other living species of our planet.

“If even you have the same passion for nature and animals, if like us, you’re willing to fight for their rights and to give them a voice, if you stop in front of a sunset and think often of being, along with all the other creatures of the earth, only a small piece and not the center of the universe, then you’re ready to be an AnimalsTrust member.”

Yes WE can! But just ALL together!

Your membership to AnimalsTrust NPO will be automatic confirmed immediately after we’ll get your payment confirmation.

You’ll be our member for one year with all rights and obligations contained in the statute of our Association.

You can use these payment methods:

1. Payment to bank account (20.00 or 30.00 Euro), made ​​payable to  AnimalsTrust ONLUS

bank account at Unicredit Banca – Milan Agency

  • IBAN IT 77 P 02008 01664 000102927367

N.B. If you make a payment by bank account always remember to indicate as reason “AnimalsTrust membership fee”, your first name, last name, email, address and street number, zip code, city and province, just so we can keep you updated on our activities and about meetings and decisions of the Association.

2. Or directly by the form below (the simplest way), with payment by PayPal or Credit Card

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Some statistical data on our International Petitions

Note: Data registered on 29 Jan 2014 at 08:48 AM

  • 600,986  signatures – more than 20 signatures per minute
  • 10,156 signatures in the last 24 hours
  • There is no country in the world where we don’t have a signature!
  • 908,456 shares on FB, Twitter & Google+
  • More than 666,877 video views on our Youtube channels (a comment every 5-10 minutes):