Karen Sanderson

Karen Sanderson

I was born, I truly believe, to provide safety and sanctuary for animals. Although my patients have always professionally been of the human kind, it was my parents who pushed me in to my many years of being a healthcare professional.

These days, I devote my time to what matters to me. A core belief of mine is that we have to do more for those non-human primates, our domestic pets, wildlife around the world and also, the welfare of lab animals.

I question so many protocols, though I am a pragmatist and a realist, as I have been trained with this mindset from my youth and University years. But that does not justify the way in which we mistreat animals. There is too much of it everywhere and much is not reported in the public domain, as it should be!

The insane cruelty I see reported is crippling to my moral core, as a decent human being. I cannot understand why we allow so much to carry on, which causes extreme and unnecessary suffering.

I am particularly upset by the issues we try to expose in China South Korea, and the far east in general.

I am particularly aggrieved by the inhumane canned hunting in exploited Nations and indeed, the sacrifice of any and all wildlife at the end of a lethal weapon from a greedy senseless coward who thinks that “money buys a kill.”

I came to this site to make a difference, with like minded persons and am glad and honoured, to be here and contribute in anyway possible, to make that difference we all strive for.

Although I am the UK Ambassador – I live in Ireland where I have literally rescued countless animals – dogs and horses in particular. The economic situation from 2008 caused ongoing difficulties for many people in the Republic, but also, welfare is only just really starting to improve over here. I work with my Veterinarians constantly and am grateful to them, for the support they give and I feel I do make a difference here.

Now we have to all have the strength to push for powerful and meaningful change worldwide and communicate at the highest level, with those who are in seats of power in Governments, to mandate positive change on their statute books. I believe we can do this, but persistence and dialogue has to be paramount in achieving this.

Thank you.


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