1. What is a AnimalsTrust?

AnimalsTrust is an NGO dedicated to the protection and defense of animals and ecosystems in which animals species live . Environment protection is one of the themes of fundamental importance for the future of our planet. In recent decades we have witnessed the indiscriminate use of natural resources of our planet, from the exploitation of timber, to coal mines , oil wells , marble quarries , mines of precious and radioactive metals , the proliferation of greenhouse gases, the planet earth is put to the test by the indiscriminate human activities, and with it are in danger many animal species. Unfortunately this is the only planet we have and we have a moral duty to preserve it for the generations that will come after us . We cannot think that the growth and development of our economies, can do without a careful policy of protecting of the environment and earth's resources. A "green" growth, in respect of all living species, it’s possible and we are fighting and will fight for these reasons. For more details please see the page "About Us" and our "Statute".

2. Why become an AnimalsTrust member?

AnimalsTrust membership is an important choice, as our partner you will need to follow the rules contained in our statute and you will have the same rights and the same duties of the founding members of the association. You will participate with us in the important decisions, suggesting actions to be taken, and will be entitled to vote at the association. As our member you can organize events and fundraisers in your country or in your city and give us a hand to spread our petitions and campaigns.

3. Why become an AnimalsTrust ambassador?

Become an AnimalsTrust ambassador is a lifestyle choice, it’s to embrace in full our causes and petitions that, as NPO association, we carry out, you can actively assist us in spreading our campaign in your country, and you will be able to present our demands to the institutions of your country. AnimalsTrust needs your support, you will contribute to a "green" and sustainable growing and to the preservation of our planet.

4. Why become an AnimlasTrust volunteer?

As an AnimalsTrust volunteer, you can be of great help to spread our campaign in your country and to all your friends and acquaintances, contributing to the dissemination of our appeals and our campaigns, giving us a hand to translate them in your language. “If you too have the same passion for nature and animals, if like us you're willing to fight for their rights and to give them a voice, if you stop in front of a sunset and think often of being, along with all the other creatures of the earth, only a small piece and not the center of the universe, then you're ready to cooperate with us.” Visit our "Cooperate with us" and fill out the form with your information.

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