Chady Lolosoli

Chady Lolosoli Northern Kenya Ambassador

Brought up in Kenya, next to a nearest trading centre called Archers Post, in a pastoral-nomadic life, that means people who move from one place to another in search of palatable pasture and water for our livestock, which means our livelihood is dependent on this pastoral nomadic life. I have therefore earned a vast knowledge of animals, plants and trees, which stems from a total reliance on the natural world.

One thing that fascinated me a lot is the connection of Samburu people with Animals through the riddle, folk lore stories and the animal totems they relate to each clan. Samburu are divided in two groups of eight clans including Ntolu (axe) and each group represents the white cows and the black cows. In each clan they are again subdivided each having animal totem i.e. represented by an elephant, rhino, buffalo, snakes, hyenas etc. So every section will regard that Animal as sister of brother depending on sex i.e. male or female and vice versa. Imagining that connection regarding an animal as brother and sister, you will not be allowed to eat or kill any animal you’re connected to in a totem, because you will be assumed to have eaten or kill one of your own relative. Through such anthropological connection I came to love animals so much to an extent that joining a school wasn’t such a easy thing, for herding livestock and learning new things and stories about animal behaviors tone up my mind and influenced my life a lot.

Currently I am working at Sarova Shaba Game Lodge of Sarova Hotels as a resident naturalist, here I get to interact with people all over the world and share the moments and the current status of African animals. I founded a CBO here named SAVE WILDLIFE ENVIRONMENT EDUCATION PROGRAM (SWEEP) and a group called FRIENDS OF SAMBURU, SHABA AND BUFALLO SPRINGS NATIONAL RESERVES & NFD CONSERVANCIES. Its main objectives together with the stakeholders is to lobby and educate communities to live and coexist with their wildlife amicably, though facing a lot of challenges e.g. population increase, reduction of land, poaching, human wildlife conflicts, deforestation, climatically changes etc.

It is our fundamental obligation to prepare our communities and children who are the backbone of nations building to be steady and restore our heritage for the future generation at their tender age.
Poaching has become one of the major catastrophes all around the world. African mammals are quite targeted for trophy hunting and other acclaims egos of humanity.

It is for this reason that I strongly came out in support of all organizations, institutions and groups that applaud and lobby for anti-poaching and other animals cruelty. I believe that, in the ecosystem we all depend on each other organism directly or indirectly influencing each other well being for existence. Together with our hand together we will achieve our targets so long as we don’t give up.
I am absolutely very much proud to have had opportunity to serve ANIMAL TRUST as ambassador internationally representing Kenya and entire northern region of the country.

Napoleon Hill said in his book -Think and Grow Rich,” nothing is impossible, everything is possible”.

And George Adamson once asked in his book Born Free-“who will now care for the animals, for they cannot take care of themselves? Are there young men and women who are willing to take on this charge? Who will raise their voice when mine is taken away on the winds”?

This world is full of people who do their duty half-heartedly, grudgingly and poorly. Don’t be like them. Whatever is your duty, do it as fully and perfectly as you’re possibly can. And when you have finished your duty, go on to spare some time and talent in service for less fortunate people, not for any reward at all, but because it is the right thing to do.” the Late Dr Geoffrey W. Griffin, Founder, Director-Starehe Boys Centre.

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