Elena Alfaya

Elena Alfaya - Spanish Ambassador

Those Animals who we truly love can heal us, even from physical illnesses. This is not something I bring from my “belief system” since I am a researcher at the University and have a so-called scientific mind. I am used to being critical and getting rid of my own beliefs in search for the truth. One day, when Humanity consciousnesses evolve everybody will know this: they can heal us. Up to then, it is a hypothesis that I have already experimented and experienced.

I was not born in a family surrounded by pets, nor were we vegans but I am now, both. I deeply love animals. The one from whom I learnt love to animals was my grandfather. He did love them, all his Animals. He used to have wolves at home since he lived by the forest. When I was small I was scared of his wolves but I am not any more. I have been with wild wolves twice, once in a Spanish forest and then in a Russian one. I like and love animals so I am not scared of them. When I saw that group of about 8 wolfs approaching me I thought they were a group of wild big dogs so I gently squeezed the nose of the leader as I usually do to my own dogs. All the group growled and showed me their teeth, this is when I became scared. But nothing happened. I just sweetly talked to them as I usually talk to my cats, birds or dogs and we flowed together. I left and they left. I guess they had some important wolf stuff to do.

There are many stories I could tell about Animals. I will only add that I have learnt a lot from them. The main thing I learnt is what I said above. Now I have three dogs and a cat, all of them adopted from shelters or met on the road. I am the leader of the group and I am not a dominant person at all, but they have chosen me. They know I am a friend of animals’.

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