Dogs destined for the table: terrible images show animals being killed, cooked and served up as a meal in Chinese tradition

Dogs destined for the table: terrible images show animals being killed, cooked and served up as a meal in Chinese tradition

These disturbing images show dogs being cooked and served up as a meal in a grim Chinese tradition.

The animals are chopped up and cooked in front of diners – despite a growing anti-cruelty campaign.

A group of Chinese activists in Yulin City, Guangxi province, descended on the dog meat market campaigning against eating the animals.

We are not against the Chinese people and we’ll not accept and promote any form of racism against any race, nation or religion.

We firmly believe that the majority of Chinese people is on our side and together us want to support our campaign, “Nobody touch the DOG“.

For the campaign “Nobody touch the DOG” we started an advertising campaign “Would you eat your best friend?“, on the main Chinese networks and on Chinese users on Facebook, to raise awareness against Chinese trade and consumption of dog meat, and we need your support.

Even a small donation can allow us to save thousands of dogs .

These are not plush animals!
Thanks in advance for your support.

Discover what you can do to support us on our page “Nobody touch the DOG



  • jan salbashian

    i am happy to sign a petition for this cause but no matter how many signatures how will this stop something that ha been a lifelong tradition that even the government to which you are appealing are part of what you are petitioning for ?

    Monday December 23rd, 2013 - at 09:39 PM Reply
    • sbarbesta

      Dear Jan, we have turned to Mr. Obama and Mr. Barroso, because in China it is almost impossible to find a interlocutor. Thank you to support us!

      Sunday January 19th, 2014 - at 07:20 PM Reply
  • Elizabeth Goudge

    To get cooperation from leaders and governments you have to hit them in the purse. South Africa once caved in to economic sanctions and I think that China would. True they have their fingers in so many pies, and they sell goods all over the world but this needs curbing. If more people did without their stuff and looked for alternatives: I did this when I found that the jewellery I was about to buy – in a major chain store – came from China. So I found an alternative. It doesn’t take much effort. Anyone who can cook a dog alive or skin it alive or do all the awful things that they do to bears tigers etc. isn’t going to worry that a few thousand humans are indignant. As long as we buy from them they will carry on. The cooking of the dogs is very likely stimulating to their sadistic natures and sex and violence are linked – in the brain .They may feel more like sex if they have just tortured something to death. that is what sadism is. Sex and cruelty. Lobotomy is a drastic but effective means to cure them and let’s face it is a lot kinder than what they do -as it is done under anaesthetic. Donations will save many dogs but it wont stop the practice until the Chinese government educate their peasants and punish transgressors.

    Thursday July 24th, 2014 - at 03:36 PM Reply

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