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We ask Apple to change, for a period of at least four weeks, the browser name from “Safari” to “Stop Safari hunting”

The case of Walter Palmer and how he slaughtered the lion Cecil, it’s only one case among thousands any year. It ‘s time to stop all Safari hunting in Africa. We have to save these amazing Animals! We really need your support to Stop thes
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Save Maasai land, culture and Animals

This is not only a battle to save millions Animals but a battle even for human rights to save Maasai people, their land and traditions. Will future generations ever forgive us for destroying ancient Cultures, Animals and natural habitats? We have the
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No more goose down clothing

For a padded jacket how many geese freeze to death? At the age of two months, little more than chicks, the geese suffer the first plucking, without any anesthesia; a procedure so painful that some of them die of fright. Every two months, they will su
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Save Sumatra Elephants

We got 10,000 signatures in just 24 hours! An unimaginable beginning. Thank you! A great success, thank you for your great support, but we can do even more! Please share this appeal with all your friends. How they can kill an Elephant puppy? AnimalsT
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Nobody touch the Cat – International Petition

We just started on thursday 29 May ’14 with a new International petition: “Nobody touch the Cat” We got 11,800 signatures in the first 7 days, really an incredible beginning. Thank you! We ask Chinese governmen
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In Marius name I put my face

They Killed again 4 lions, including 2 cubs. We have to close all Animals lagers. 2,650 signatures in just 4 days a great result. Thank you for your great support. We have to get 1 Million. “In Mari
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Keep hands off Varenna, the pearl of Como Lake!

We just launched this International Petition. Please support us to save this paradise corner on Como Lake in Italy. Yes we can. We can stop them but only all together! Thank you for signing and sharing. Please join even to our F
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Run my little Dolphin run!

Run my little Dolphin run! I would like to explain you how men are not all equal, but how can I explain it to you when you have a harpoon in your body, and your body bleeds for the man’s hand? I would like to teach you how to swim away from the
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What is happening in Japan to our best aquatic friends?

What is happening in Japan to our best aquatic friends? #‎ifyoukillaDolphinyoukilloneofus‬ #nomorebloodsea #wewantDolphinfree More than 2 signature per minute! We are growing at impressive rate. Thank you to sign and share.
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