Nobody touch the DOG

Nobody touch the DOG

December 31, 201812:00 AM - 1:00 AM

Petizione internazionale “Nobody touch the DOG” per fermare la strage di cani in Cina.

Non ci fermeremo finchè la Cina non promulgherà una legge contro il commercio ed il consumo di Cane su tutto il territorio cinese.
Ma abbiamo bisogno dell’aiuto di tutti voi! Per favore cliccate qui per sapere come potete supportarci nella nostra campagna.

ATTENZIONE: le immagini presenti in questo video sono di una crudeltà terribile e riservate ad un pubblico adulto!

Note: Grazie alla Star di Toronto David Graham che è andato in Cina per investigare l’utilizzo di cani e gatti impoegati nell’industria delle pellicce e sulla crescente presa di posizione dei movimenti animalisti in quel paese. Ha tesimoniato una incredibile crudeltà. Questo è un breve video che riporta la crudeltà di questi crimini e come gli animalisti ne rispondono.


  • Phyllis Sodroski

    This barbaric practice is despicable and shameful. It is Hitler’s Germany in China.

    12 January 2014 - at 05:36 Reply
  • Diana

    It’s not clear on the email or website where to click in order to sign the petition against dog eating in China, please could you make it very clear where to click or the signature to register as I would also like to share the link where people could sign.
    Thank you.

    12 January 2014 - at 17:29 Reply

    like diana would like to know how to sign the petition, cannot believe that so many dogs are being slaughterd it makes me feel so sick. please expalin how to sign. thanks you.

    20 January 2014 - at 20:51 Reply
  • Aldrin Loke

    They will never have friends. Let Karma do the job…..

    4 February 2014 - at 11:53 Reply
  • michelle

    This is absolutely disgraceful X-( how can anyone think this is neccessary…. These beautiful creatures should b respected

    6 April 2014 - at 10:52 Reply
  • Reila

    Really – Tradition? And you even can state it’s how God (Nature) intended? – Look how IN REALITY the Nature reacts: – The extreme fear and adrenalin is pumped into the body of the animal just before death. Stress is recorded in DNA toxifying all organism. WHEN AN ANIMAL (as well as a human) IS IN PAIN THE TOXINS STAY IN THE SKIN, MEAT, AND IT EVENTUALLY WILL MAKE YOU SICK, especially ONCOLOGICALLY SICK – cancer, cerebrovascular accident, atherosclerosis (by the way, this desease takes the first place on humans mortality rating), MENTAL and physical pathology, etc. It’s what humans consume, death-bearing toxins (can toxins be health-giving?). For normal haemoglobin – just – The only thing that can be considered “positive” is that – a higher rate of cancer deaths among those that handle meat is attributed to infection with viruses and chronic exposure to animal proteins.

    20 December 2014 - at 20:10 Reply

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